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Are you never tardy for a Real Housewives party? Do you get down and dirty on foreign policy issues? Or maybe you can spot a malignant melanoma faster than This Is Us will make you cry. Your DVR history is totally tuning us in to your potential taste in podcasts. Here are the ones we think you should download based on what you like to watch on TV.


in the dark dallas podcasts
In The Dark

If You Love “O.J.: Made In America,” You’ll Love “In The Dark”

True-crime-obsessed much? This podcast follows the story of a child abduction from 27 years ago and how mistakes (like, major ones) in the case fueled “stranger danger” initiatives for years to come. Warning: It’s an intense look into a real story, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

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pod saves the world dallas podcasts
Pod Save The World

If You Love “The West Wing,” You’ll Love “Pod Save The World”

Does foreign policy excite you? Heck—even if it bores you to tears but you secretly want to care, this could be the podcast for you. Tommy Vietor goes behind the scenes into White House Situation Room meetings via the people who were there to share some intense negotiating tactics. You’ll feel like you were there and have a new sense of appreciation for those who actually were.

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sawbones dallas podcasts

If You Love “Grey’s Anatomy,” You’ll Love “Sawbones”

Some people squirm when they see blood, while others are downright fascinated by everything about the medical field. This podcast by Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband, Justin McElroy, is a crazy exploration into how humans attempt to fix people. Episodes range from funny to pretty damn disturbing and tackle a new topic each week (think everything from Norovirus to earwax).

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bitch sesh dallas podcasts
Bitch Sesh

If you love “The Real Housewives,” You’ll Love “Bitch Sesh”

Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider have definitely sipped the Housewives Kool-Aid (well, actually Housewives-branded wine) and are dishing on all the drama after each episode. If you’re a Bravo addict, you’ll especially love when they dive into Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm and more.

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making oprah dallas podcasts
Making Oprah

If You Love “Oprah,” You’ll Love “Making Oprah”

What makes one daytime talk show better than the next? Listen to Oprah Winfrey herself talk about the show that started a revolution, as well as her strong influence on American life in general. You’ll also hear from producers, staffers, TV executives and Dr. Phil.

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crybabies dallas podcasts

If You Love “This is Us,” You’ll Love “Crybabies”

Lovers of a good therapeutic sob session can appreciate this one. Susan Orlean and Sarah Thyre host this hilarious podcast about the things that make us cry. Writers, actors, musicians and comedians are featured sharing what makes them teary. Everyone from Amy Poehler to “Weird Al” Yankovic spill the beans.

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missing richard simmons dallas podcasts
Missing Richard Simmons

If You Love “Monk,” You’ll Love “Missing Richard Simmons”

You love a good mystery with a side of humor, so this is the podcast for you. Narrated by documentarian Dan Taberski, the six-episode series explores why Richard Simmons—yep, that Richard Simmons—has gone into hiding without saying goodbye to any of his friends. The story will have you laughing, crying and definitely baffled.

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