8 Trends That Will Be Huge in November

From luxury pumpkins to plant meat, the trend forecast is full of surprises. But of course, some things about November never change: like flu season and irresistible fall fashion. So put on your Thanksgiving eating pants and feast your eyes on these eight trends everyone will be talking about.

posh pumpkins

Posh Pumpkins

Lush velvet pumpkins are cropping up everywhere. There’s a cornucopia of gilded, glitter-dusted gourds on Pinterest. Metallic squash are guaranteed to be the stars of the most enviable Thanksgiving tablescapes. But if you ask us, this sequined one takes the cake pie.  

Broadway Gets Lit

This month on the Great White Way, the curtain goes up on musicals based on the songs of Tina Turner (Tina) and Alanis Morissette (get your Jagged Little Pill tickets here). Sadly, the Britney Spears opus, Once Upon a One More Timeappears stalled. But in happier news, the Devil Wears Prada musical scored by Elton John is officially happening. That’s all. 

Wild Style

The leopard skirt had its heyday. Now it’s time to bust out more exotic animal prints—or perhaps the same old exotic animal prints in fresh new ways. Case in point? Tortoiseshell nailsgreen zebra sweaters, snakeskin crop tops, slouchy kitten heel jungle boots we are sitting on our hands to stop ourselves from buying for some reason??? [*mops brow*] Easy there, tiger. 

Plant Meat

This is not your mama’s veggie burger. Patties made from ingredients like chickpeas, mushrooms and cocoa butter—presented as a more humane and eco-friendly beef alternatives—are selling like hotcakes. Confession: We tried a soy-based burger and were underwhelmed. But there’s little doubt that alterna-meat technology is the creating the food of the future. 

Throwback Tendrils

We first noticed EmRata reviving the piecey style. And it’s been a Kendall Jenner move for a minute. But in late October, Mandy Moore confirmed it: ’90s tendrils—aka two face-framing pieces of hair, pulled strategically (if illogically) from your otherwise polished pony—are here to stay.  

Immunity Gummies

Can you actually get as much vitamin B6 as six cups of spinach, and as much vitamin C as six oranges, seven cups of milk, and 15 cups of broccoli by chewing two yummy green gummies? And can anything that tastes as delicious as Elderberry edibles actually shorten the duration of the flu? The science is inconclusive. But as the season of sickness sets in, expect lots of chewing and chomping coming from a cubicle near you.  

Booked Solid

By the first week in November, the following books will be available on Amazon: The Rihanna Book (a $113 coffee table collection of previously unpublished photos that Vogue calls “a sumptuous autobiography”), We All Want Something Beautiful (an intimate, candid look at celebrities partying the 90s away, shot by inner circle photographer Randall Slavin) and Morning Glory on the Vine (a book of handwritten lyrics and drawings by Joni Mitchell). Holiday shopping? Done, done and done. 

Insta Gets Real

Instagram is now removing plastic surgery-inspired face filters (the ones that give you fuller lips or a slimmer nose, for example) from its effects gallery. It’s also restricting weight loss product ads aimed at users under age 18 (hooray!). Meanwhile, The Atlantic and The New Yorker both just ran pieces about how all the coolest influencers are opening up about their emotional struggles and the dark side of social media fame. Expect way more #authenticity this winter.