This Influencer-Favorite Game Is About to Be Your Next Halloween Costume Inspo

A mysterious mansion. Family secrets. Old grudges. Plot twists. Sounds like the premise of your favorite whodunit, right? But actually, it’s describing a totally addictive mobile game called Merge Mansion. This way more-than-a-puzzle game has gone viral on practically every platform from YouTube to Instagram, which is why so many creators are dressing up as the iconic main characters for Halloween this year.

We’re guessing you could also use some quick costume inspo for your own spooky season celebrations. Well, influencers like stanzipotenza, LoeyLane and naezrahlooks have been creating their own Merge Mansion costumes by dressing up as the two main characters: Grandma Ursula, a badass granny who may or may not be hiding something and her granddaughter Maddie, who’s helping her restore the family mansion and uncovering long-buried secrets along the way. 

Not only is their costume inspo a fun and mysterious nod to the game, they’re also pretty easy to recreate yourself. All you need is a few key pieces from your closet (think: lilac dress, yellow sweater or jeans) and some creative makeup application. Voilà, you’re the mysterious matriarch or intrepid young woman who won’t stop until she finds the truth. 

Ready to get totally into character? Download Merge Mansion and try it for yourself. With an engaging story, intriguing characters and casual brain teasers, it’s sure to be your go-to source of fun and relaxation well after the Halloween season is over.

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