Forget Where You Parked? Here's a nifty trick

It's time to give your overloaded brain a break


You know you parked somewhere near A5… or was it D5?… And maybe there was a blue Taurus next to you? Here’s a better solution for finding your car in a crowded mall parking lot.

What do I need? An iPhone or Android, fully loaded with the Google Maps app.

What do I do? The next time you nab a parking spot--before you get out of the car--open up Google Maps and tap the “locate” button (the one that looks like a compass). Tap it twice to zero in on your exact location. Next, tap and hold the screen right next to the blinking blue dot to drop a pin where your car is parked.

Then what? Go about your business, eat, shop, explore the mall. When you’re ready to leave, simply re-open the app, zoom out until you find your pin, then walk toward it (you can use the tiny arrow on the blinking blue dot to orient yourself).

Um, thank you. You’re welcome.

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