How to Delete Netflix History: Your Helpful Guide
Rachel Bowie

It was Saturday night. Fuller House was calling your name. But, gah, you’d be mortified if any of the four people who “borrow” your account password knew you’d watched it. Like, all of it. Good thing there’s an easy way to cover your tracks. Here's how to delete Netflix history.

1. Start by logging in.

Once you're in your account, open up your account settings. (They’re located in the drop-down tab in the upper right corner of the screen.)

2. Go to your profile.

To find it, scroll down to the “My Profile” section.

3. Click on Viewing Activity.

Here, a list of everything you’ve ever watched will appear with an “X” next to the name of the show.

4. Click the “X” to permanently erase anything from your record.

That’s it. Just know it takes up to 24 hours to fully clear from your history. So maybe keep your judgmental boyfriend away from Netflix for the next day or so. Now what? Go back to watching something cooler (ahem, Kimmy Schmidt) as if nothing ever happened.

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