Google Has a Feature That Lets You See How Your Dream Dog (or Dinosaur) Fits in Your House

You've been wondering what type of dog would be best for your home for so long. But now, with the help of Google, you can actually see—literally—what dog breed might just suit your home best. Google's 3D animal feature allows users to indulge in some AR (augmented reality) from your very own smartphone to get a life-sized visual of how anything from a golden retriever to a Velociraptor would fair in your house. (Of course, some animals are little more realistic as pet options than others...)

Here's how to use the feature on your smartphone or tablet:
(works with iPhone or iPad iOS 11.0 or higher, or Android 7.0 or higher with pre-installed Google Play Store)

1. Google the animal on your phone, like "golden retriever" or "tiger" (if you're feeling adventurous)

2. Scroll down a bit to see if there's a "Meet a life-sized golden retriever up close" option (or whatever animal you searched). It should look like this:

google ar animals how to
Dara Katz

3. Click the “view in 3D” option

4. Then, the 3D animal will pop up and you'll be asked to “view in space” which accesses your phone's camera

5. From there, you can resize and move the animal around and/or snap some pics of the 3D critter in your space

And heads up: Google also includes the animal's sounds. My dog's ears definitely perked up when I was playing around with an AR Rottweiler in our kitchen.

Here are just a few examples of how I played with the AR tech on my phone—and yes, I started with dog breeds and moved onto some, uh, bigger players in the animal kingdom.

google ar animals pug
Dara Katz

Who messed up the bed? We'll blame it on the AR pug.

google ar animals pom
Dara Katz

With Google's additional dog sound FX, my actual IRL pup became very confused with the Pomeranian ghost sitting next to her on the couch.

google ar animals panda
Dara Katz


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