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Ugh, your breast milk just leaked through your T-shirt in public. You want to text your BFF (who’s a mom of three including a newborn), but words could never do this crazy situation justice.

Now, thanks to a new app called EmojiMom, you don’t need them. Instead, choose from over 250 emojis all designed to express the awkwardness and hilarity of motherhood—from pregnancy to birth to infancy—with a single tap. 

There’s a breast pump emoji (the perfect thing to send to your hubby with a question mark if it gets misplaced) and a lady pointing to her watch with the word “still” written in caps on her preggo belly. (Hello, is this not the best thing ever to ping to pals who keep asking: So, any baby news?

To access the emoji keyboard, download the app in iTunes ($1.99). Then, no judgment if you want to start an emoji-only group text that’s just for your mom friends. 'Cause [insert no-sushi-while-pregnant emoji here], right? 

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