Whoa, There Are Now Ear Buds That Translate Foreign Languages

In real time, no less

Anyone who's ever tried to have a bilingual conversation with nothing more than a pocket phrase book probably wishes something like this existed.

Introducing Pilot, a set of earbuds (one per person) with a corresponding app that uses speech-recognition technology to translate in real time, so that two people who speak different languages can easily converse without any lag.

The device--which launches on Indiegogo May 25--will initially be released in the romance languages (English, Spanish, French and Italian) and additional ones (East Asian, Hindi, Semitic, Arabic, Slavic and African languages) will launch soon after.

Expect a lot of ear-pointing as you discuss snails with the Parisian waiter, but if it helps you understand that you're eating snails, well's worth it.

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