43 Things You Should Do Instead of Looking at Your Phone

It's becoming a problem...

We promise your friend’s baby shower pictures and your cousin’s graduation Instagram won’t just disappear if you avoid checking your phone for an hour…or five. Here, a multitude of ways to stop obsessively unlocking your device and finally get sh*t done.

What Might Happen If You Quit Social Media

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1. Write down a to-do list.

2. Do something on your to-do list.

3. Scratch off said task from the to-do list.

4. Eat some leftover candy.

5. Put on tennis shoes (because: candy).

6. Think about going on a jog.

7. Wash the dishes to procrastinate jogging.

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8. Brush your teeth.

9. Clean the bathroom sink.

10. Make your bed.

11. Lay on bed thinking about to-do list (but really just thinking about where your phone is since you haven’t seen it in a while even though you really can accomplish so much without it).

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12. Read a magazine.

13. Decide to go to the park with the newspaper and a cup of coffee.

14. Bring your biggest pair of sunglasses so you can people-watch without looking creepy.

15. Stop at Starbucks to get said coffee and wonder why they switch to holiday cups so early. Like relax, Starbucks, let me live.


16. Make a bucket list of things to do before you're 50.

17. Wonder how many people actually do everything on their bucket list.

18. Fill your bucket list with realistic things so you aren't disappointed when you're old and haven't gone scuba diving in the Maldives with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer.

19. Google (on your computer, of course) flights to the Maldives just in case it’s super cheap right now, because you never know, it might be the off-season or something.

20. Realize flights to the Maldives are never cheap and look up flights to visit your best friend instead.

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21. Color, like with crayons (seriously, it's super in right now).

22. Cook a hot, gooey meal.

23. Make a mess in the process and try reeeeally hard to clean it up now instead of hopping on Instagram like you normally do.

24. Feel really good about your clean kitchen.

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25. Clean out your closet.

26. Try on your senior prom dress and be really, really psyched that it still fits.

27. Think about posting a #TBT to Instagram in your senior prom dress but then realize you’re becoming one of those people that posts all the time and OMG you hate those people.

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28. Finally perfect that bold lip you've been wanting to try.

29. Clean out your makeup drawer.

30. Promise yourself to clean your makeup brushes soon because (ew) they look so dingy, but (ugh) it’s, like, such a process.

31. Wonder if expiration dates on makeup are absolute or more like loose suggestions.

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32. Paint your nails.

33. Brush your teeth again.

34. Put on a facemask.


35. Go shopping.

36. Realize that you're not looking at your phone so you can't check your Chase app to see how much money you should really have available to spend.

37. Shift your focus to window-shopping and be proud of yourself for being fiscally responsible.

38. Reward your fiscal responsibility with a latte, which costs money, yes, but is a hell of a lot cheaper than the totally impractical cape you were eying.

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39. Meditate.

40. Google (on your computer, people) “mindful meditation” and then wonder how that cute yoga guy on YouTube got into yoga and maybe you should just sign up for a beginner’s yoga class because why not?

41. Binge watch your favorite guilty pleasure show.

42. Halfway through season 5 of Gossip Girl, wonder what Penn Badgley's been up to…but promise yourself you won’t go down an IMDB wormhole of his earliest Will & Grace extra work.

43. Think about how quickly you can get through an entire season of Gossip Girl without being distracted by text message notifications.