5 Pairs of Touch Screen Gloves from Amazon That Actually Work

Most touch screen gloves are great in theory, but iffy (at best) in practice. Or so we thought, until we found these five pairs. Each allows you to text, scroll through Insta and shoot off a quick email with precision, all while keeping your digits nice and toasty. Here are five of our favorite pairs of touch screen gloves, starting at just $8. 

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Editors’ Pick: Vislivin Full-hand Womens Touch Screen Gloves

The Facts:

  • Made from 100 percent high-grade lambskin
  • Entire palm and all fingers are touchscreen compatible
  • Wear-resistant, windproof material

Who said touch screen gloves have to be ugly? These premium leather ones are so chic, we’d want to add them to our winter wardrobe even if they weren’t iPhone-friendly. But don’t worry, these babies definitely are. They’re made with precision touch point control, so you can use any of your fingers (even your palm, if that’s your thing) to type. “The lining is made from super soft fleece, unlike other options that are made with scratchy wool,” one PureWow editor says. “Plus, they’re pretty affordable, which is important if you’re prone to losing gloves like I am.”

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Best Value: Bymore Touch Screen Winter Gloves

The Facts:

  • Anti-slip silicone palm grips
  • Elastic wristband keeps cold air out
  • Conductive fiber on fingertips for accurate typing

Keep this pair as backup in your car, purse or coat pocket so that you don’t have to risk frostbite while replying to the family group chat. At only $9, they’ll get the job done and keep your hands cozy even in 14-degree weather, while letting you text and scroll with ease. The thumb, pointer and middle fingertips have aeronautic conductive yarn sewn in, so the typos in your next text are all your fault, not the gloves’!

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Splurge-worthy: Ozero Waterproof Winter Gloves For Men And Women

The Facts:

  • Artificial suede leather shell
  • Highly sensitive goatskin fingertips for accuracy
  • Cold-proof up to -40°F

These guys are a must-have for a day on the slopes (or building snowmen in the backyard). They’re waterproof and cold-resistant up to -40°F, but they’re touch screen capable too. The thumb and pointer finger have goatskin sewn on, which makes for chic and precise touch screen control.

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Runner Up: Vigrace Women’s Winter Warm Touch Screen Gloves

The Facts:

  • Double-layered touch screen sensitive material on three fingers
  • Warm fleece-lined interior
  • Classic cable-knit design

We love a good cable knit for winter, so naturally, we were drawn to these. Then we learned that they’re more than just cute, they’re also ultra-warm thanks to their thick fleece-lined interior. Honestly, they feel like you’re wrapping your hands in a cozy blanket. And most important, the double-layered touch screen sensitive material ensures accurate tapping. We have a feeling they’ll be a hit with all the other moms at the bus stop this winter.

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Underdog: Unigear Touch Screen Running Gloves

The Facts:

  • Four-way stretchy fabric for tight fit
  • Reinforced elastic stitching to prevent ripping
  • Warm, yet breathable

Frigid temps shouldn’t force you to endure the worst songs on your running playlist because you can’t tap “next.” These running gloves have conductive microfiber fabric on the thumb and pointer finger so you can keep using your phone as you rack up the miles. They’ll keep your hands warm, but not too warm during outdoor jogs (they’re still breathable), and the palms have anti-slip grip, so you’ll never have another phone-meets-concrete incident. 

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