Help! I Have No Idea What Emojis Mean

From the shy monkey to the face with no mouth

Ahh, youths. With all their fleeks and Snapchats and Ariana Grandes, it’s hard to keep up--and easy to feel ancient. Luckily, you can get on their level, text-wise, with PureWow’s handy guide to some of the more ambiguous emoji.

sobbing emoji

Emoji: Sobbing

Meaning: Really sad, or really, really happy.

As in: “Nancy from accounting spoiled last night’s Game of Thrones. [Sobbing]” or “Summer Friday! Summer Friday! [Sobbing]”

100 emoji

Emoji: 100

Meaning: Something is very cool. Can also mean, “Keep it 100” or “Keep it real."

As in: “Free cold brew in the office today. [100]”

fire emoji

Emoji: Fire

Meaning: Hot or smokin’, in the not-literal sense. Somebody looks good.

As in: “You in that new dress = [Fire]”

info desk emoji

Emoji: Information Desk Girl

Meaning: Being unabashedly sassy.

As in: “My boss is still working, but happy hour is calling. [Information desk girl]”

no mouth emoji

Emoji: Face With No Mouth

Meaning: Deep, dark secrets.

As in: “Did he say anything about you? Ummmmm…. [Face with no mouth]”

monkey emoji

Emoji: Monkeys

Meaning: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. This versatile trio can be used to symbolize anything from embarrassment to mild disdain.

As in: “She texted her ex last night…at 3am. [See-no-evil monkey]”

praise hands emoji

Emoji: Praise Hands

Meaning: This emoji signifies excitement or praise. (You know, like Jay Z),

As in: “Yaaaas, Caitlyn Jenner, yaaaas. [Praise hands]”

dancing girls emoji

Emoji: Women With Bunny Ears

Meaning: Just two gals having a hell of a time.

As in: “Husbands watch kids, we get drinks. [Women with bunny ears]”

grandma emoji

Emoji: Grandma

Meaning: I feel old.

As in: “Last night’s husband- and kid-less drinks got me feelin’ like [Grandma].”

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