And Zoë Kravitz’s Favorite ‘Big Little Lies’ Drinking Buddy Is…

If we had a splash of pinot grigio for every time we’d considered how fun it’d be to do happy hour with the stars of Big Little Lies, we’d have quite the wine cellar. Lucky for us, Zoë Kravitz just identified the most fun drinking buddies in the cast so we can really flesh out our daydream.

The 30-year-old, newly engaged actress chatted during an interview with InStyle about how she likes to unwind after a long day of playing Bonnie Carlson and revealed who she’s most likely to share a drink with. Ironically, it’s her character’s husband’s ex-wife.

Reese [Witherspoon] is definitely one of my favorite drinking buddies,” she explained. “We have a lot of dinners, a lot of good hangs, and there’s always booze flowing. We like to get silly together. But really, all of my Big Little Lies castmates are good drinking buddies. I love sitting down with Reese and Shailene [Woodley] and cracking open a beer.” (That sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening.)

But Kravitz’s enjoyment of a cold one goes beyond the BLL crew. She also happens to star in the new Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Super Bowl commercial, which is essentially a really beautiful ASMR video filmed in middle-of-nowhere Hawaii. It’s relaxing, it’s hypnotizing, it’s basically, well, kinda like Bonnie.

So what does Bonnie have in store for us in BLL season 2? Kravitz shared that we will get to know a little more about Bonnie, explaining, “I’m really in awe of her as a character, because what you’ll learn in the second season is that she comes from a difficult background and a difficult childhood. I think that is why she ended up gravitating towards wellness and meditation and yoga so much, and I love that.”

P.S. Us, too.

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