Watch the First Trailer for ‘Wine Country,’ Starring Amy Poehler & Everyone Else Who’s Funny

It’s time to pop bottles and, apparently, fall off pianos because the long-awaited Wine Country trailer is finally here.

Amy Poehler’s directorial debut has everything: a gaggle of very funny women like Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Paula Pell, Ana Gasteyer and Emily Spivey, tons of vino and more than a few cringe-worthy moments.

It all starts when Abby (Poehler), a Leslie Knope–esque control freak with a love of itineraries, plans her friend Rebecca’s (Dratch) 50th birthday. It might be an over-the-hill celebration, but it ends up being out of control.

Abby gathers her and Rebecca’s friends of 20 years for a getaway to Napa Valley wine country. And while it’s great to get away at first, the cracks in their longtime friendships begin to show once the booze starts flowing. Why? Because as Abby says, “that’s what intimacy looks like.”

On the plus side, workaholic Catherine (Gasteyer) lets loose a little, post-op Val (Pell) jokes that she “did molly in college, but she went back to her boyfriend,” and homebody Jenny (Spivey) lives a little. Naomi (Rudolph), a mom who’s tired as all hell, has maybe a little too much fun judging from that impromptu performance and hard fall.

The idea for Wine Country was born from two real-life trips Poehler took with her Saturday Night Live co-stars. The first was for Dratch’s 50th. Poehler lost her phone with the itinerary on it during that ill-fated trip. The second was for Gasteyer’s 50th birthday, a celebration for which they all wore muumuus.

Spivey and Liz Cackowski wrote the story and Poehler produced (and directed) alongside Morgan Sackett.

Wine Country hits Netflix on Friday, May 10, and all you have to worry about until then is whether you want white or red.

Drink up, buttercup.

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