Turns Out, the Cats in the ‘Cats’ Movie Will Look Very Different from Their Broadway Counterparts

an actor in the musical cats

Part of the bizarre charm and intrigue of the Broadway musical Cats is the costuming. The impossibly great lengths the original costume and makeup departments went to to make ordinary people look like our feline friends resulted in a Cats image that has been seared permanently into any Broadway fan's head as instantly recognizable and utterly unforgettable. So when the new movie adaptation of Cats was announced back in July 2018, most of us assumed the cats would remain largely the same. Turns out, not so much.

In a complete departure from what anyone thought the felines in the movie version might look like, Universal has revealed that the cats will instead look like cats. Fairly realistic CGI cats, to be specific.

In a presentation at CinemaCon, Universal Studios shared images of the star-studded cast in motion-capture suits on the film's oversize sets. With the help of CGI, the actors will be digitally transformed to look appropriately normal cat-size.

Not that we aren't excited to see behind-the-scenes images of Dame Judi Dench or Idris Elba with motion-capture markings on their faces, but this seems to us an odd choice that only makes this already crazy movie even crazier. And makes us all the more eager for it to finally hit the big screen.

The original Broadway production by Andrew Lloyd Weber was in many ways as shocking a success as Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom's planned flop in The Producers. It is an opera based off a book of poems with little to no plot to carry it through and features human actors prancing around stage mimicking the household animal in a surprisingly convincing manner. Add to that enough CGI to transform an incredibly varied cast (when else would Taylor Swift, James Cordon and Ian McKellan all be in a room together?) into small, realistic-looking cat versions of themselves and we have a concept so fantastically weird that we'll be instantly enamored with it (or so horrified that we'll love it even more).

Only time will tell, but the slow reveal of fun facts about this film is sure to keep us plenty entertained in the meantime.



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