What the Heck Is ‘Meso-Dosing’ and Will It Be 2019's Biggest Wellness Trend?

We’re no strangers to the concept of superfoods. (C’mon, it’s 2019.) But the now-familiar (and somewhat overhyped) food fad is about to resurface in a new way, and it might actually be better for your health. It’s called meso-dosing.

We know that antioxidant-rich foods are good for us (i.e., berries and leafy greens). But it can be difficult to reap the benefits of their nutrients without eating buckets of kale every day. That’s where meso-dosing comes in. The term—which literally means “middle dosing”—basically refers to the in-between nutrients that you might be missing in your everyday diet. These so-called meso-nutrients are the active compounds that are (supposedly) most beneficial to your health.

How does one meso-dose, you ask? By adding supplements to your diet. (Yes, it’s kind of just a fancy way of taking vitamins.) It also wouldn’t hurt to make sure you’re eating a wide variety of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies…but you knew that, right?

Like any wellness trend (especially ones with little scientific evidence), you should consult with your doctor before popping new vitamins willy-nilly. Just saying.

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