The Warner’s Blissful Benefits Underwear Might Be the Comfiest on the Internet

amazon underwear

Amazon shoppers have spoken: Calling these Warner’s Blissful Benefits Underwear the “best undies ever.”

These panties have racked up over 1,600 perfect, five-star reviews on Amazon (we’re not kidding), and have become popular amongst shoppers for their “all day fit” and maximum comfort. 

The stretchy undies come in packs of three, featuring 21 color combos and are made from a polyester or cotton blend (depending on what color set you choose). 

Read some of the reviews below. 

“These are amazing! Extremely comfortable, not too tight in any area—I was most concerned about by my legs but the fit was perfect,” one user wrote. “No muffin top and they don’t sit too high on my waist. I have bought Victoria’s Secret underwear for as long as I can remember and these are 10x more comfortable for half the price. Will be buying more!”

They’re even popular among expecting and postpartum mothers. “These panties are awesome! I ordered a size 2xl/9,” another stated. “I’m postpartum and my stomach is much larger than usual. I love the waistband. I find that some panties roll down on my belly right now but not these.” 

Available in sizes small to double XL, most reviewers were pleased with the fit, stating that they’re pretty true to size.

“They fit exactly how I want, not tight and not loose, but snug where you actually can’t tell they are on—no bunching, no wedgies, and no rolling down.” 

So if you’re in the market for some new pairs of underwear, you might just want to give these guys a shot.