You Can Now Keep Track of Every Online Wine Tasting, Happy Hour & Hangout, Thanks to 'The Virtual Tasting Room'

We never really thought we’d see the day that virtual booze tastings would be a thing. However, due to the current need for social distancing, people from all over the world are sipping wines and cocktails from home while virtually connecting with others. 

Noticing that more and more companies were starting to hold online events, a few wine bloggers came together to create The Virtual Tasting Room (@thevirtualtastingroom) on Instagram. The hub compiles all of the virtual tastings, happy hours, hangouts, educational classes and more into one place for easy access. Think of it as your schedule book, but it only includes wine-related events. 

“As the quarantine timelines increase, we feel that virtual events will become the new norm and we’re happy to be the go-to place for all of these events,” said wine expert and The Virtual Tasting Room co-founder, Chelsie Petras. 

Here’s how it works. Brands, companies or practically anyone and submit their event online, and The Virtual Tasting Room will add it to their calendar and promote it on their account. All the events are absolutely free (!) and must be submitted by Saturday in order to appear on the following week’s calendar. 

The account, (which has only been live for just over a week) has already accumulated almost 1,000 followers. 

Bringing people together through their shared love of wine? We are totally here for it.