70-Year-Old Vera Wang Just Showed Off Her Abs On Instagram & All We Have to Say Is ‘Wow’

Fashion designer Vera Wang has been treating her Instagram followers to daily fashion photoshoots during quarantine, but to be honest, no one is talking about the clothes. What they are talking about is the fact that the 70-year-old designer appears to have discovered the Fountain of Youth and we'll be damned if we don't force her to spill the tea immediately.

Her first few quarantine outfit posts were certainly fun and inspired many a heart emoji, but it was the series of photos she posted on May 2 that really got the people talking. In the pics, Wang sports white denim shorts from Kohl's, an orange Palm Angels sports bra, a black hoodie and David's Bridal hair clips, which is an unconventional combination for sure, but not nearly as unexpected as her six-pack abs and wrinkle-free complexion.

The woman's stomach is smoother than a seal. Her face is completely devoid of any fine lines or sun spots. She looks like she might be 30 at the oldest, a fact confirmed when I asked my roommate to guess her age.

Wang posted another photoshoot two days later that also caused a stir. This time, it was her long, lithe (and, again, entirely wrinkle-free) legs poking out from under a voluminous orange gown. Those who have followed her or her brands know the designer has always been petite, but it looks as though she's been ramping up her fitness routine while waiting out the coronavirus.

It's a detail she recently confirmed in an interview with Harper's Bazaar: “All of them are extremely fit,” Wang said of her fashion friends and family, “which pushed me to work out most days.” Although no amount of exercise can explain why it is that the 70-year-old grandmother looks like a spry youth half that age.

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Wang clearly has a few age-defying tricks up her sleeve and we demand that she share them with the rest of us plebeians, ASAP.

Wang has long given credence to the mantra that age is just a number and has reinvented herself multiple times over, so we probably shouldn't be surprised by her atypical take on 70. She trained as a competitive ice skater well into her 20s but transitioned to fashion after failing to make the Olympic team. Immediately after college, she began working at Vogue as a fashion editor and stayed there for 17 years until inspiration struck and she left to pursue a career on the design side of the industry, launching her eponymous bridal line at age 40.

Whatever her secret is, we hope she continues to bring on the fun, fabulous quarantine fashion shows...and maybe a beauty tutorial as well.

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