The U.S. Forest Service Is Looking for Someone to Live in This Gorgeous Log Cabin

us forest service job opening hero

Imagine waking up each morning to the sun shining through your window, birds chirping and the promise of total peace and quiet every single day for the next two years. All that and more can be yours if you’re one of the lucky people hired by the U.S. Forest Service to fill their latest job opening: someone to live in and manage the Aspen and Glade guard stationsin the San Juan National Forest in southwest Colorado. Or as we like to call it, paradise.

The job involves maintaining the various structures and surrounding area, as well as renting out the cabins to visitors. Sounds like a small price to pay for living in such an idyllic location. That being said, we’re not particularly experienced in “tree felling,” one of the listed responsibilities for the two-year-long position, so perhaps it’s not all fun and games...and yeah, there might be bears. 

Visit the San Juan National Forest website to apply. And don’t forget to invite us for a picturesque fall vacation when you’re hired.

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