How to Get Cash Back with Uber’s New Loyalty Program

uber rewards

Great news for fans of the popular ride-sharing app—Uber is now rewarding its customers with complimentary upgrades, dedicated phone support and cash back.

Dubbed “Uber rewards,” customers in the program rack up points for every dollar they spend with the app. And as riders accumulate points, they reach different reward tiers. But the best part? Once you opt into the program, you’ll get $5 added to your Uber Cash balance for every 500 points earned (regardless of your membership level).

Here’s how the tiers work: Users start out in Blue and after 500 points, they advance to Gold level with perks like flexible cancellations (i.e., no penalty if you cancel a ride within 15 minutes) and faster response times from support staff. At 2,500 points, riders attain Platinum status with priority pickups from the airport and price protection that locks in low prices between your two favorite places (say, work and home) regardless of traffic. With 7,500 points, riders unlock the highest level—Diamond. Here, riders can enjoy surprise complimentary upgrades, access to highly rated drivers and the delivery fee waived on three orders from Uber Eats every six months.

While Uber Rewards is currently available in nine locations (Miami, New Jersey, Denver, Tampa, New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Diego), the program will be rolling out to all U.S. riders over the next few months.

Consider this news permission to Uber Eats your dinner tonight.

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