Trisha Yearwood Spills the Relationship Tea on Her Marriage to Garth Brooks

After nearly 14 years together, Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks have one of the most inspiring marriages in country music. When we had a heart-to-heart with the 55-year-old Grammy winner, we learned that there’s one thing that helps hold her marriage together and, honestly, it’s really simple.  

Make sure that you keep your relationship a priority,” Yearwood told PureWow exclusively. “We have busy careers and we’re both as busy now as we’ve ever been. And we’ve both been married before. So, when we got married, we made a conscious decision not be to be apart, to be together.”

So how do the country music stars ensure that they can spend as much quality time with one another as possible? Yearwood explained, “We sit down and figure out our schedules. That means sometimes someone has to make a sacrifice and not do something they want to do in order to be with the other. A lot of people think we’re a little bit crazy because we’re together so much. But for us, that’s what we chose to do and what we want to do.”

The Trisha’s Southern Kitchen host was quick to point out that this relationship tip doesn’t exclusively apply to two well-regarded country musicians. She said, “It’s easy for us in relationships to take that other person for granted and start working on the things that are important to you. You have to remember, if you’re going to be a couple, you’ve got to think about what the other person needs. And that’s easy in the beginning but you have to remember that you can’t let that go. You have to continue, every day, making that relationship a priority.”

Even so, Yearwood says her marriage isn’t perfect. In fact, sometimes she admits she does want to “punch him in the face.” But, as the “She’s in Love with the Boy” singer shared, “At the end of the day, we’re best friends and we want to be together. I’m doing a better service to you by saying it’s not always easy for us. It’s the priority that you place on it. And we have a really strong foundation of friendship, which is really important for those times that you’re mad at each other. We still are best friends and you know you’re going to get past it.”

That strong foundation came in handy when Yearwood decided to drop her new album, Every Girl. When she told Brooks, he “wasn’t surprised”—the only surprise was that it took Yearwood so long to get back in the album-making saddle. “I think what happened was touring with my husband and my cooking show, which are all wonderful things, got in the way of the album,” she reasoned. “I took last year to really let myself create and find those songs and it felt right and it reminded me that I really do need to do this to be happy. This is a part of who I am. I definitely learned that I’m not going to let that much time pass before making another album.” 

Yearwood celebrated the release of Every Girl by giving back to a cause close to her heart.

trisha yearwood luncheon

Not only did the “Matador” singer partner with JCPenny to donate $2 of every sale of the record to the American Cancer Society, but she also invited a group of 24 women who have been affected by breast cancer to her home for an intimate luncheon. Yearwood lost her mother, Gwen Yearwood, to the devastating disease in 2011 and has since joined the fight for a cure.

“Women are already resilient, and just to see how they handled everything—children, careers, husbands [and cancer]—it’s inspiring,” Yearwood said of the event.

We definitely have to agree, Trisha. 


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