Trader Joe’s Has Rosé Salad Dressing, and Yeah, We Need It

With temperatures hovering in the negative 1,000s, it can be easy to forget that spring is actually not that far away. Translation: We’ll be back to drinking rosé sooner than you think. But we need something to tide us over in the meantime…and Trader Joe’s has just the fix (albeit in a slightly different form).

That’s where its newly launched rosé vinaigrette comes in. Yep, rosé salad dressing. While we’re usually shaking our heads at whatever rosé-themed food item is thrown our way (never forget blood orange rosé), this actually sounds—dare we say?—kinda good.

The condiment is pretty standard as far as vinaigrettes go, with the exception of its star ingredient, rosé wine vinegar. (We didn’t even know that was a thing.) Add to that sunflower oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, basil and oregano, and you’ve got what the brand describes as “light, tangy and slightly floral, with notes of herbs and garlic.” It retails for a cool $4 a bottle (so you’ll spend more time waiting in the checkout line than you will money). 

Joe suggests pairing the dressing with salad (obviously) and a glass of rosé. We were going to wait until winter was over, but…why not?

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