Everything You Need to Know About Trader Joe’s Broccoli and Kale Pizza Crust
Trader Joe's

We love pizza. We love Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust. So naturally, we were curious about Trader Joe’s late edition, the Broccoli and Kale Pizza Crust. Much discussed on the interwebs, reviews vary from obsession to hatred. 

In a single glance, the crust’s ingredients are pretty straightforward: broccoli (the first ingredient, yessss), black kale, corn flour, olive oil and salt. Each of the eight gluten-free, vegan slices contains 70 calories, and the whole pie costs just $5. 

The instructions say that you have to bake the crust for about 12 minutes on each side before adding your ingredients. To all the people who mentioned that theirs was under-baked and/or chewy, we’re guessing you forgot this initial baking step. The crust should come out of the oven dry to the touch and crispy around the edges.

Next, add toppings to your heart’s desire. May we suggest a bunch of healthy veggies to keep dinner wholesome? Put the pizza back in the oven and bake until the toppings are warmed—probably another five minutes. Don’t worry too much about over-baking it, truly, the crispier it gets the better.

The results will taste…healthy. In a great way. To be honest, it’s a little reminiscent of flatbread. Let’s just say that while the box says there are three servings, we’re more likely to be eating half of it in one sitting.

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