Tracee Ellis Ross Shares Rare Pics with Her Niece & Nephew on IG

Tracee Ellis Ross is one proud auntie.

On her Instagram Story, the 50-year-old actress shared rare snaps of her 8-year-old niece, Jagger, and her 2-year-old nephew, Ziggy, in honor of Jagger's birthday. Ross wrote, "Happy 8th birthday sweet Jagger Snow! I love you!"

Jagger, who's seen rocking a pink Barbie top and a sparkly "Birthday Girl" headband, has a wide smile that's nearly identical to her dad, Evan.

tracee nephew 2

In case you need proof that strong genes run in the Ross family, just check out this pic of Evan below.

evan ross
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

You'll notice the father-daughter duo have the same eyes and smile. But Jagger isn't the only one who inherited her dad's looks.

Tracee also shared a few selfies with Ziggy, and he looks like both his dad and his mom, Ashlee Simpson Ross. In the first snap, the actress wrote, "Aunty Tracee and Ziggy Blue"

tracee niece

In the first pic, Tracee is seen with the red glasses filter, and in the second, she's making a silly face as the filter switches to Ziggy.

tracee nephew 1

These posts come just three months after Tracee spoke with NPR and opened up about her experience being an auntie. She said, "I love being an aunt. I am an aunt to my nieces and nephews and, honestly, to my godchildren, too. And it is a role that I love, that I just cherish, that allows for deep connection and also, like, a real sort of playfulness."

Sounds like Tracee is living her best auntie life and loving every minute. We love to see it.

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