Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals 3 Breathing Exercises that ‘Can be Done Anywhere’

There’s no denying that these are stressful times. Luckily, Tracee Ellis Ross knows we could all use a bit of help focusing on our mental health, which is why she recently shared a few tips that she uses to find a peace of mind.  

On Tuesday, the 47-year-old actress shared a video on Instagram to remind her followers that practicing self-care is key amid the historic protests against racism and police brutality that are currently taking place worldwide. She even reveals three breathing exercises “that can be done anywhere.”

“As these necessary tectonic shifts are happening in our world and as we are leaning into difficult, complex and sharp yet necessary conversations, we must also be active about our self-care,” she captioned the post. “We are at the beginning of transformation. And we have a movement to hold and guide us. But, it’s a lot to feel and hold for the body and spirit. We want to honor where we are and also be able to lift up and through. I made this video a few days ago when my back was seized up (makes sense). I use breath to connect me to the present moment and to create space in my body. I use sound as a way to release vibrationally and energetically. Sending everyone love and light.”

During the six-minute clip, the Blackish star talks viewers through the three exercises, which includes closing your eyes, taking deep breaths and letting go of any negative energy you are holding throughout your mind and body. The exercises go as follows: Sit in a chair, close your eyes and allow your body to soften and let go. Once your body feels light and soft allow your body to feel the weight of itself. Fill your body up with air. Breathe in through your nose and then out by sighing. Repeat. 

BRB, taking off the rest of the day to play this video on repeat.