LGBTQ Trailblazers, Ebony and Denise of Team2Moms, Are Showing the World What Family Can Look Like

Known across the internet as Team2Moms, partners Ebony and Denise are on a mission to “normalize” LGBTQ parenting, all while spreading love and positivity. This week, the moms of three sat down with Brittany Broski, the host of TikTok’s For You podcast, to talk about raising a family online, healthy ways to protect kid’s identities and how they created such an amazing community of acceptance for LGBTQ youth online.

Ebony and Denise’s goal to educate on what it means to have a family like their own started when they received a slew of comments on a video asking them to explain how they—two women—have a daughter. It was then that they realized representation was desperately needed and took it upon themselves to start the conversations. Since then, they’ve taken their message to TikTok, amassing 4.1 million followers in just over a year.

Check out a snippet of Broski’s conversation with Ebony and Denise below and tune into new episodes every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. EST on TikTok LIVE and Thursday mornings on Apple, Spotify, Google and all major podcast players.

Broski: “When sharing parenting techniques online, do people critique you in the comments sections?”

Denise: “Absolutely. The very first critique was when Olivia was in her carseat and people said, ‘You’re doing it wrong.’ I understand it was for her safety, but the way this person approached it made me feel like, ‘OK, I’m a bad parent.’ We learned from the situation, of course, but throughout the years we’ve gotten so many comments that have affected us. Luckily we have each other to discuss it and go through the hard parts together.”

Ebony: “And actually, on the flip side of that, we’re also very lucky. You know how they say it takes a village to raise your children? Well, we truly do have this community that helps us. I remember when we made a video discussing when our son was diagnosed with autism and we had no idea—this was a whole brand new world. But when we shared that, the amount and wealth of information and support that came in was unbelievable.”

Broski: “That gives me chills.”

Ebony: “So there are two sides, but we mostly get the side where it’s like we’re not just team2moms, we’re team one million moms. There’s just a lot of love in the community and support.”

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