Mikayla Nogueira Opens Up About Her Accent on TikTok’s ‘For You’ Podcast

TikTok’s debut podcast For You is back with episode four, featuring viral makeup artist, Mikayla Nogueira. Hosted by creator Brittany Broski (you know, Kombucha Girl), For You dives into all things TikTok with the platform’s biggest stars. Every week Broski sits down with a different influential creator (think: Frankie Jonas and Boman Martinez-Reid) who has turned the platform into a global community and cultural phenomenon.

For Noguerira, a self-proclaimed “Masshole,” her TikTok fame came literally overnight. She opened the account once the pandemic hit for her mother—a schoolteacher—as a way to help her reach students virtually. Yet, what started as a feed documenting life on her family’s Massachusetts farm, quickly turned into a personal makeup account after she posted a Catfish Challenge video that went gangbusters. From then on, Nogueria’s account grew from zero to 4 million followers within a year and she is the most recent recipient of the American Influencer Awards’ Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year 2020.

Covering everything from her famous concealer hack for cystic acne to revealing her accent to her community of fans, Nogueria opens up about it all in this must-listen episode. Check out a snippet of Broski and Nogueira’s conversation below and tune into new episodes every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. EST on TikTok LIVE and Thursday mornings on Apple, Spotify, Google and all major podcast players.

Broski: “You mentioned earlier being from Massachusetts and having an accent, and how people had a reaction to that when you spoke for the first time. Can you talk about that a little if you want to?”

Nogueira: “Yeah, so my voice has always been a thing. I went to school for Communications with a primary focus on radio […] and I was going into broadcast or news or something like that. So over the years, I created this voice that I would use when I was on the radio or at my internship. Everyone has a customer service voice, right? So, when I first started making my TikToks, I would use my radio voice because it was professional. It was my first time putting myself on a camera to tons of people so I was wicked nervous because my voice has been this topic of discussion my entire life and I didn’t know how people would react. Let’s just say that.”

Broski: “What was a sample of the radio voice? Can you give it to us?”

Nogueira: “Oh my God. Well, my viral TikTok that had 15 million views I was like, ‘Do you have a face full of acne that you just can’t seem to cover it up?’ I was talking so fake. So, the first video I made just not caring about my voice was a contour video and the comments were like, “What is this accent? Where are you from?” I never said where I was from so people were so confused. Especially if you’re from the south or the UK or somewhere that’s not Massachusetts, you’re probably going to be confused […] It got to a point where I was like ‘Forget about it. I’m just going to put where I’m from in my bio so people stop freaking out in the comments.’”

Broski: “Well I love it […] and I think it’s a learning thing too. There are so many corners of the world and TikTok kind of opens your eyes to that.”

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