Exclusive: Taye Diggs Refuses to Get Dirty (or Wet) on Camera, Thank You Very Much

Taye Diggs has played everything from an eccentric millionaire investor in Set It Up to the lead in Rent. But, when we sat down with him to discuss his new partnership with Burlington Stores and, we learned there’s one thing the 48-year-old actor won’t do. Spoiler alert: It’s kind of surprising.

It all started when we asked what it was like having Pete Davidson throw a drink at him in Set It Up (one of this editor’s new favorite Netflix movies). We expected to learn that it was a hilarious experience that took way too many takes. Instead, we found out something unexpected about Diggs: He hates getting dirty.

“I am one of those actors that will do anything for the role except get dirty. I hate getting dirty,” Diggs admitted.

So when it came time for the Saturday Night Live star to throw an ice-cold drink at him, Diggs wasn’t exactly pleased. He joked, “I told him, ‘You’ve got maybe two or three [takes] and then, if you don’t get it right, I’m out.” What happened? As Diggs recalled, “Luckily, they got it in two.”

He went on to explain his totally understandable hang up with having cold beverages thrown at him: “Being wet makes me uncomfortable,” he said. “I’ve turned down roles where I had to play a swimmer. I’m not going to get in that tank with cold water and germs. Yeah, I’ve gotten agents really upset.”

Honestly, Taye, we don’t blame you. 

Burlington got the ball rolling and donated $100,000 to New York schools. If you want to help, consider making a contribution to the foundation before August 17.

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