Target Just Launched a New Line of Green Cleaning Basics, Starting at $3 a Pop

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Nowadays, most folks know that icky chemicals like phthalates and propyl-paraben (found in many non-green cleaning products) really have no business in our homes. In response, Target has upped its clean cleaning game even further—with a huge, new suite of products called Everspring

The 70-plus item collection launched (in part) on Earth Day, and will continue to roll out additional product offerings throughout the year. What's the Everspring difference, you ask? Each item—from laundry detergent to paper towels to essential oils—includes biobased or recycled materials, or natural fibers. 

In addition to being a healthier option for the planet and your family, the chic and sleek design is also totally open-storage-worthy. (And yep, the packaging is largely recycled material, too.)

A few of our favorite steals right out of the gate? The zingy lemon and mint-scented multipurpose cleaner,  the soothing geranium hand soap and the soft, double-ply toilet paper, made of 100 percent recycled fibers (natch).

P.S. There will be seasonal, limited-time-only scents, too—fingers crossed for an evergreen-heavy holiday installment.

Shop Everspring in Target stores or online at Prices from $3 to $12. 

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