We're Obsessed with These Magical, Plant-Based Rainbow Sprinkles

In our opinion, it’s just not a party unless sprinkles are involved. But we recently took a gander at the list of ingredients on the back of our favorite jar and we were shocked by the number of words we couldn’t even pronounce (i.e., artificial colors, preservatives and who knows what else.)

But now, thanks to all-natural baking company (yep, we wish we worked there), Supernatural, you can have your cake sprinkles and eat them too.

Made with just plant-based ingredients (think spirulina extract, paprika, turmeric, beets and sugar), Rainbow Starfetti is soy-free, gluten-free, vegan and kosher. Pretty cool, right? 

So go ahead, unleash your inner 8-year-old and sprinkle with abandon.

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