Study Says Online Shopping Makes People Happier Than Pictures of Puppies

We’re all about good ol’ retail therapy (as we sit here tracking the package from our latest Nordstrom spree), but did you know it’s also a huge mood booster? Yeah, you probably did, and so did we…but not in our wildest dreams did we imagine it could be so beneficial for our mental health.

As if our online shopping addiction needed more fuel for its fire, a new study from e-commerce marketing firm Rokt, revealed that in a survey of more than 4,000 consumers, 81 percent said they were happiest when online shopping, beating out social media (or, in our case, our Instagram newsfeed full of cute puppies) by a landslide.

According to the press release, “Research results showed that US consumers are four times as likely to be at their happiest when completing a purchase than watching funny videos or connecting with friends on social platforms.” Which makes sense when we think about how much joy we get from the mere idea of wearing our latest purchase on our next big summer vacay.

So, excuse to browse the Bauble Bar sale at work: Granted. 


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