This New Dating App Matches You Based on Astrology

Move over, Hinge and Bumble. There’s a new dating app in town and it’s looking to the stars to find users their perfect match.

Introducing Struck, an astrology-based dating app that matches users based on their signs and charts. Launched in Los Angeles and the Bay Area last month, the new matchmaking app has finally expanded to New York City as well. According to their website, Struck looks “back at the entire solar system the minute you were born.”

Here’s how it works. Along with the usual stuff (such as your name, age, height and gender), Struck puts astrology at its forefront, asking users for the date, time and location of their birth in order to calculate a birth chart. Next, users must choose the six traits associated with the chart that they most identify with.

According to Cosmo, profiles also consist of photographs (up to six), a short bio and, of course, your sexual orientation and pronouns. The app will then match you with romantically compatible users based on your information. From those matches, you can then explore someone’s entire birth chart and find out why exactly you are deemed compatible with one another.

Unlike other dating sites, Struck only gives you up to four matches a day (that means no swiping left or right for hours on end) and you can only message up to two people per day. Interesting.

So, while we may be a bit skeptical, we're willing to give it a shot (the app is free after all). In the company’s own words, “skeptics welcome.”