Stellan Skarsgård's Acceptance Speech Was Really a Lesson in Maintaining Your Eyebrows

stellan skarsgard eyebrows

When you win an award, it makes sense to thank those who made your success possible. Your parents, your coworkers, others who helped you along the way. It is rather unusual, however, to thank your eyebrows, but that's exactly what Stellan Skarsgård did while accepting a Golden Globe for Best Supporting TV Actor for his role in HBO's Chernobyl.

He began his speech in the normal fashion before going on to tell a story about being told that while his performances are always enjoyable, no one can ever remember his face, a problem when one makes a career off their appearance as actors do. Skarsgård presented his theory that this is likely because he has no eyebrows (to be clear, he has eyebrows, they're just very blonde). However, he went on to explain that as part of his costume for Chernobyl he was given much a more pronounced pair of brows before saying, "and now..." and gesturing to his shiny new award.

Indeed, ask any woman who over-plucked her eyebrows in the '90s and who is now repenting and she'll agree with Skarsgård—eyebrows are infinitely important. What might seem like a random, harmless anecdote is in actuality a tale of the importance of properly maintaining your brows. For without them you will melt into the background, charming but forgettable. Let them achieve their fullest, bushiest glory and you too can finally be recognized for your greatness. Or, you know, just be able to better show a greater range of emotions.

Either way, thank you Skarsgård for sharing your beauty secret with the world. We know that somewhere out there Lily Collins is saying "yasssssss."



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