Starbucks Is Finally Available for Delivery, but Did Your City Make the List?

starbucks uber eats

Starbucks has finally decided to make all our coffee delivery dreams come true.

Currently, Starbucks delivery is only available at certain locations through services such as Postmates, but that is all about to change with their new Uber Eats partnership.

Back in December, Forbes first reported a quarter of Starbucks’ 8,000 stores nationwide will offer delivery through the app. Today, Starbucks on Uber Eats launched for San Francisco residents only.

Not to worry, non-SFers. According to Starbucks, delivery will be available in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C., in the “coming” weeks. 

Honestly, aren’t we all  looking for ways to stay on the couch this winter, anyway?

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