The Gross Thing in Your House You Should Be Cleaning Every Spring (but Probably Aren't)

living room with dog laying on carpet

When it comes to getting our homes ready for the new season, stocking our fridge with rosé and getting the garden in order are top priorities (hello, BBQ season). And if we're really feeling ambitious, we might even add "wash windows" and "wipe down the oven" to our spring-cleaning to-do list (maybe).

But there's one annoying task that doesn't always make the cut—but definitely should. Why? Because it makes a huge difference in the aesthetics of our home and, well, it's kind of icky when left untouched. 

We're talking about deep cleaning our carpets. Even if you always ask your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home (no judgment), chances are that your living-room rug is looking a little worn after a winter of tracking in all that snow, mud and blustery air from outside. (And by worn, we mean it's a shade lighter under the ottoman than anywhere else.) Even worse? Extra moisture (like from damp shoes) can turn to mold and mildew—yuck. 

So go forth and get thee to a dry cleaner (or for wall-to-wall carpeting, schedule a steam cleaner to come to you). And hey, while you're there—see if they can do something about that red wine stain, you multitasker you. 

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