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Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows Are Kind of Like Peeps, But Better

Calling all sour candy fans. Sour Patch Kids has a new Easter Candy that’ll probably make you hop for joy: Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows.

To be honest, they look and taste a lot like Peeps, and we're willing to guess that's not a mistake. Bite into one of the new Peep-sized treats, and you’ll encounter a marshmallow center with a very familiar springy texture. It doesn't get stuck in your teeth, and the staler it gets, the more addictive it becomes. (Why are firm marshmallows always better than soft ones? Not just us, right?)

But there are a few major differences between Sour Patch Marshmallows and O.G. Peeps. Instead of an array of sickly sweet flavors that somehow always manage to evoke Pepto Bismol, Sour Patch Kids marshmallows come in redberry, lime, blue raspberry and orange. They're also covered in a sweet-and-sour candy coating that will taste very familiar to Sour Patch fans. (You know, the slightly painful, tingly sensation we've all grown to love.)

Available at Walmart for $3, a single bag contains all of the flavors and no, you can't pick around to just eat the reds.

We only have one question: What happens if you microwave them? 

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