Tony Soprano's House Can Be Yours for $3.4 Million

Sopranos fans, rejoice: The famed North Caldwell, New Jersey, home of Tony, Carmela and their motley crew is currently on the market. In an unusual bidding process, Victor Recchia, the home's true owner and builder declined a real estate agent and is accepting offers personally, via email, through June 21. The kicker? Offers must start at $3.4 million. (You can't charge market value for a cultural touchstone, people!)

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sopranos house for sale 2
Courtesy of Victor Recchia

Look familiar? Oh, yeah. That's the very driveway Tony strolled down every morning to grab the paper. (White bathrobe and all.) 

sopranos house for sale 3
Courtesy of Victor Recchia

And behold: The very pool where Tony had his infamous panic attack while swimming with ducks. 

sopranos house for sale 1
Courtesy of Victor Recchia

Is the current owner nostalgic about the sale? Naturally. "Throughout the years of filming, the cast and crew were always thoughtful of us and respectful of our home, helping us create such wonderful memories," Recchia shared in a statement. "Among them, filming that had an actual bear in our backyard (his name was Bonkers and he had a trainer next to him), the opening of the swimming pool in the winter and mostly, all the laughter." 

Want to carry on the legacy? Shoot Recchia an email at


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