Sofía Vergara & Joe Manganiello Celebrate His Brother's Birthday with a Gorgeous Backyard Party

Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello really know how to throw a party.

While we have gotten glimpses of the couple's backyard setting before, we got an even better look at their personal paradise in the newest series of posts from Vergara.

The two threw a birthday festivity for Manganiello's brother, Nick, and they decided to hold a lavish hibachi their own backyard.

Vergara shared snaps from the party in a post that said, “Happy 40th!!! @nickmanganiello #hibachinight.” In the photos, we see the impressive restaurant-style setup courtesy of hibachi chef Oscar Briseno. Sitting around the table are friends of Nick and his wife, Lana Jaqueline, while strings of twinkly lights and glowing red paper lanterns hang above the table. Vergara also made sure to snap a selfie with husband Joe as well.

The Modern Family actress shared videos from the event on her Story as well, where she panned over the nighttime setting and later included the chef cooking the meal.

Luckily, we got a view of Vergara's chic outfit too. The star took a selfie inside her house, where she showed off a black cut-out tank top and Magdeline zebra-print trousers, courtesy of Khaite.

vergara hero

To fit in with the theme of the night, the family ordered a shrimp-shaped cake as well, which Vergara shared saying, “Hibachi bday!!!”

We'll be waiting for our invite to the next backyard bash.

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