Serena Williams Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump in IG Pics with Daughter Olympia

Tennis legend Serena Williams shocked the world after revealing that she is pregnant with her second child at this year's Met Gala. Since then, she's been flaunting her growing baby bump and treating fans to behind-the-scenes footage of Olympia reacting to the news. And now, the 41-year-old entrepreneur is showcasing her fabulous maternity style with her mini-me.

In a recent post on Instagram, Williams shared photos of herself and her daughter among trees, complete with matching poses and coordinating sundresses. Referencing Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)," she captioned the post, "So take the photographs and still frames in your mind."

In the first pic, we see the proud mom donning a pair of Louis Vuitton shades while cradling her bump in a vibrant red summer dress. Meanwhile, Olympia poses in front of her mom in a frolicky pink dress. 

In the second snap, the mother-daughter duo strike matching poses with their hands on their hips. And in both pics, we see a black Green Day baseball cap sitting on one of the tree branches.

Fans who caught on to the Green Day reference shared lyrics in response, with many writing, "I hope you have the time of your life." Another fan wrote, "The hat and caption is genius! Awesome photo! Looking great as always."

The post comes just two weeks after Williams posted a video of Olympia's reaction to learning she's going to be a big sister.

In the video, the 5-year-old is seated between both of her parents as Williams tells her, "Remember how you've been praying for a little sister or brother? Well, I went to the doctor and it turns out I'm not getting fat but I have a baby."

In response, Olympia immediately says, "Are you kidding me?"

When Williams says no, Olympia squeals and says, "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!" To this, dad Alexis Ohanian says, "We thought you'd be excited."

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After Williams reveals her baby bump, Olympia gets up and runs around the room, screaming with joy.

Following this clip, Williams walks fans through how she prepped for the Met Gala (AKA the big pregnancy reveal). She said in the video, "This is a really important time where this is the look that I'm going to show my daughter or my son when they're born, one day, they'll look back and see, this is how mommy expressed herself and told everyone that she was pregnant with you. You want this moment to be totally iconic and totally fresh, but yet really special."

Sounds like Williams's baby will be in the best company.

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