Selena Gomez Spent Time Trying to Solve a Real-Life Murder Case This Weekend

How do some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities spend their weekends? Well, if you’re Selena Gomez, then you spend them investigating a 38-year-old murder case.

That’s right—while we were bingeing true crime docs from our couches last weekend, the superstar was quietly collaborating with other amateur sleuths to solve a cold case at CrimeCon Chicago. And there’s proof. 

CrimeCon’s official Instagram account confirmed the news on Tuesday, by sharing a snap of Gomez looking hard at work. 

“We were honored to host @selenagomez and her mom @mandyteefey at CrowdSolve this weekend,” they captioned the post. “They were perfect detectives who, along with hundreds of others, helped bring peace to the Sova family.” 

The program, called Crowdsolve, brings in hundreds of attendees with varied experiences and backgrounds to work alongside the police and world-class experts to help develop new ideas and leads in a cold case. Wow. 

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering what case the mother-daughter duo was working on. According to the CrimeCon website, it was the unsolved muder of Kurt Sova, a 17-year-old boy who vanished from a party in suburban Cleveland the night of October 23, 1981. And five days later, he was found dead in a nearby ravine. 

The Rare singer also shared an Instagram post about her time in Chicago. “Momma and I being tourists,” Gomez captioned the slideshow. “We take great pictures. OH and we went to CrimeCon! Love you Chicago and the bean.”

We still don’t know for sure if they were able to solve the case of not, but we bet they’re a little bit closer thanks to Selena and mama Teefey.

Solving real-life crimes with your mom? Now that’s quite the bonding experience.