Samwell Tarly Could Be the Prince Who Was Promised and Outlast Everyone on 'Game of Thrones,' Here's Why

With 2,339 deaths so far on Game of Thrones (but, like, who's counting?), those who have made it to season eight are not only lucky, they're #blessed.

And while everyone still left on GoT is going to serve some sort of higher G.R.R.M.-approved purpose, we had to sit and scratch our head about why Samwell Tarly (portrayed by John Bradley on the show) and his wife, Gilly (and, yes, Lil' Sam too), were around.

Not that we wish them harm! We love Gilly’s low-key smarts. (She’s the one who initially figured out Rhaegar’s annulment and remarriage to Lyanna Stark, after all. And, SHE TAUGHT HERSELF TO READ. Please don’t ever doubt Gilly.) And we love Sam’s unfailing devotion, and lil’ Sam’s silent but powerful supporting acting (you’re doing great, kid!).

But Bran is already aware of Jon’s real parents, considering he’s the three-eyed raven and all. OK, so maybe he needed Sam to clarify that Jon is a legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, but now that Sam has served his purpose, what’s his next big move?

One Reddit theory by MrSilenceT that’s been blowing up on our feeds: Samwell Tarly is actually Azor Ahai, aka the Prince Who Was Promised. Dun. Dun. Dunnnn.

Why? Well, he already has met a lot of the criteria: He has a dragonglass sword, Heartsbane, which he stole from his mean dad. He has Targaryen blood (many fans have theorized Sam is actually the first son of Rhaegar Targaryen through his first wife, Elia Martell). 

Refresher: Melisandre predicted that a prince would come to save everyone from the Others (aka the White Walkers). He would be Azor Ahai reborn. Azor Ahai himself lived thousands of years ago and was a legendary warrior who sacrificed everything to save humanity from the White Walkers. He used a legendary flaming sword to save everyone. 

And we know that George R. R. Martin himself was planning to show up in the last season (although, he officially turned down the cameo), and he said the only part he could play would be Sam Tarly. Since Sam’s character will presumably write A Song of Ice and Fire to document all that went down in Westeros at the end of the show (just like Martin did in real life), it seems fitting that we’ll see the Prince That Was Promised (GRRM/Sam) finishing the book as an old man. 

The Prince Who Was Promised (with tons of experience cleaning up poo): That’s the guy we’re putting our money on.

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