Reese Witherspoon Brings Lookalike Son as Golden Globes Date—and Gives 'Big Little Lies' Season 3 Update

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We had a hunch that Reese Witherspoon's Golden Globes red carpet arrival would be a major highlight this evening, but what we weren't expecting was an appearance by her lookalike son, Deacon Phillippe.

At the Variety Golden Globes pre-show, The Morning Show star, 47, was interviewed alongside her 20-year-old son Deacon, who looked sharp in a black tuxedo. This marks his first awards show, and when he was asked about the advice he received from his mom, he said, "There's two main things: gum, hand sanitizer and be nice to everyone."

As for whether he's following a curfew, he said, "I'm following [my mom] tonight. She's the party animal and I'm just trying to keep up."

Phillipe wasn't the only one to share major updates, however. Witherspoon also opened up about Big Little Lies season three. When asked if she could confirm another season of the HBO series, she said, "We are working on it. Nic and I have been working on it a lot."

FYI, in November 2023, Witherspoon's Big Little Lies co-star, Kidman, confirmed that new episodes are coming. She told People, “I loved Big Little Lies because it sort of came along at a time in my life when I had my children, and I was thinking I was going to retire, and then this situation came along, where Reese Witherspoon and I were able to produce that show. And then all of you watched it and made it a massive success. And we will be bringing you a third one, just FYI.”

We'll keep our eyes peeled for more Big Little Lies updates—and more potential red carpet appearances from Deacon Phillippe.

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