Reese Witherspoon Gives "Cruel Intentions Vibes" in Latest Instagram Post

Annette, is that you?

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Twenty-five years ago, a young Reese Witherspoon graced the silver screen as Annette in the classic teen drama, Cruel Intentions. And now, the actress is taking fans down memory lane with her latest looks.

On Instagram, the Morning Show star posted a video of herself modeling her best summer looks—courtesy of her clothing line, Draper James. However, we couldn't help but notice how similar the stunning backdrop looks to the New York mansion in Cruel Intentions. And from her modest shirt dresses to her pastel color palette, she looks, as Kathryn would put it, like a “paradigm of chastity and virtue.”

Witherspoon captioned the post, "Time for summer dresses and outdoor parties!"

Among her many looks are a stunning floral midi dress, a baby blue short dress and a striped shirt dress. One fan simply commented, "Cruel Intention Vibes." And in response, another fan wrote, "I thought the same thing, I thought that was the house [where the movie was filmed]. She still looks the same as she did in that movie, like she legit hasn’t aged at all."

As it turns out, Witherspoon's character, Annette, intentionally wore brighter shades to reflect her character in the film. Costume designer Denise Wingate previously told Dazed, “As she was much more conservative and didn’t have money like Sebastian and Kathryn, her palette was softer and sweeter, but confident. Believe it or not, those high-waisted pants were in fashion then.”

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Wingate also confirmed that Annette's all-white ensemble was meant to starkly contrast Ryan's dark outfits. She added, “I remember we wanted her in all white in contrast to Ryan’s all black, and when he gets hit by a car and sees her, it’s almost as if she is an angel.”

Witherspoon may now be channeling her inner Annette, but she's no pawn in anyone's game. The actress launched her clothing brand in 2015, and she recently dropped a few stunning summer essentials, from swimwear and shorts to flattering dresses.

Looks like we've got some shopping to do...

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