Grab the Tissues, ‘Queer Eye’ Fans: A GoFundMe Helped Raise More Than $70K for Jess's College Tuition

Season three of Netflix's Queer Eye has already stolen our hearts and robbed us of tears during the ten short days since it dropped on the streaming service, but its fans have just begun changing lives. 

On episode five, Jess Guilbeaux, who describes herself as a “lumberjack lesbian,” explains her story to the Fab Five. The 23-year-old details the growing rift between her family after coming out to them, and how she had to drop out of college because of mounting student loans.

But the story has a lovely ending (besides Jess getting a whole new wardrobe and apartment decor redo on the show): Fans of the show started a GoFundMe page to raise money for tuition to send Jess back to school. The crowdfunding site has raised more than $70,000 of its $100,000 goal in just eight days.

Henny, we're gonna need a minute...

Jess confirmed in a Tweet that she was in contact with the page's owner on Twitter, and that it brought her to tears.

"This is so sweet. I have no words. I’m dehydrated at this point," she wrote. "Also! The person running this and I have been in contact and it’s safe and will come to me," she later shared on the same post.

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Yassss, Jess! (Also, ditto to the "dehydrated" part.)


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