Royal Expert Weighs in on Queen Elizabeth & Princess Margaret's Sibling Rivalry

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Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret may have been thick as thieves, but as it turns out, they weren't immune to sibling rivalry.

Per Express UK, royal expert Victoria Arbiter revealed in the documentary Princess Margaret: Rebel Without a Crown that they had quite a few passionate arguments as kids, noting that there were even times when their fights would escalate. She said, “They could go at it. Marion Crawford, their governess, had said they didn’t hesitate to argue and fight. Elizabeth apparently had a good left hook, whereas Margaret wasn’t shy to bite her sister in return.”

It's nearly impossible to imagine the future queen raising her fists to deck someone, but according to Crawford's book, The Little Princesses: The Story of the Queen's Childhood by Her Nanny, Elizabeth and Margaret had a normal sibling relationship that involved some intense fights. She wrote, "These were two entirely normal and healthy little girls, and we had our difficulties. Neither was above taking a whack at her adversary if roused."

In the royal documentary, Arbiter also acknowledged that the sisters remained close and supported each other. She said, "There’s some lovely archive footage of Elizabeth and Margaret when they were growing up. It really speaks to the close relationship they shared and you can understand why. They didn’t go to regular schools, they were each other’s best friend."

She continued, "Elizabeth was quite happy for Margaret to be the center of attention because she said, ‘If Margaret’s there, she makes everybody laugh.’ And so it took the pressure off Elizabeth, who perhaps was more introverted compared to her mischievous sister."

Fortunately, their tight-knit relationship continued well into adulthood, even despite their different personalities. According to Vanity Fair, there was a direct line between Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, which allowed the sisters to speak whenever they wished.

We'd have never guessed that the royal pair had it out as kids, but we're certainly happy it didn't affect their sisterly bond.

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