Tired? Not Unless the Queen Is, According to *This* Bizarre Royal Rule

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If you’ve ever dreamt of living the royal lifestyle, be warned: Apparently, the title comes with a lot of baggage. Tiaras and travel might sound nice, but what about no shellfish, no PDA and no sweatpants?

Add another rule to that list: No one is allowed to go to bed before Queen Elizabeth turns in for the night—and reportedly, the 92-year-old is quite the night owl. Zarife Hardy, a coach from the Australian School of Etiquette, reported that she “tucks in at midnight.” Frankly, that’s like, three hours later than us.

And according to the queens former private secretary, Sir William Heseltine, “Nobody felt it right to go to bed before the queen did,” save for one brave soul: Princess Diana, who struggled to keep up with Liz’s nocturnal habits, would often excuse herself early. Gasp—going to bed when you’re tired? How gauche.

We kid, of course. This rule seems a *tiny* bit extreme—as does the whole “no selfies” thing—but what do we know? Queen’s rules.

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