Are Princess Zoom Parties the Best Thing to Happen to Parents in Quarantine?

Ever dream of having a sleepover with a princess? (Answers rhetorically: Um, only since we were like five). Well, now families can do a virtual version of that, thanks to Princess & Me Parties

Allow us to explain. The Southern California-based entertainment business has created Zoom parties for Disney Princess fans and their parents. Each event offers children the opportunity to talk, play, draw, dance and sing with their favorite royal gals, including Jasmine, Aurora, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Cinderella and more. 

According to Refinery29, founder of Princess & Me Parties, Ali Williams, got the idea for virtual events when she attempted to do a party using social distancing. Obviously, it didn’t work. 

“We had a hand-wash space upon entry. We wouldn’t be touching anyone during the song or dance portions. No face-painting. Family only,” Williams said. However, she ran into an issue when the birthday girl asked to hold her hand. “How do you tell a birthday kid no on their birthday? The grandparents wanted to stop by. There was a baby there. As much as I was in the moment and performing, my secondary brain as an owner said things need to change.”

Participants can purchase a one-on-one call, a group video call, a playtime call, or (our favorite) a Princess Pajama Party. There’s also an option for a recorded video call that can be sent to your child or someone else’s as a gift. Prices range from $15 for a one-character playtime to $180 for a group video call with two characters. 

We know it’s technically for the kids, but we’re going to enjoy this too.