Princess Diana’s Brother Has a Meaningful Message About His Late Sister’s Legacy

If Princess Diana’s brother had to use one word to describe how his late sister’s legacy makes him feel, it’d be “incredible.”

Last night, as young people gathered to celebrate Princess Diana’s life and legacy with the presentation of the Diana Award, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl of Spencer and the Princess of Wales’s brother, opened up about how it feels to see Diana’s memory live on more than 20 years after her death.

“It’s so inspiring for them, and also for me actually," Spencer said to People of the ceremony, which brings together young leaders making a positive impact in their community. 

He went on to muse, “They get inspiration from Diana and her example. And for me, to see Diana’s name continue like this is fantastic. It’s been over 20 years since she died. Most of the people who are getting awards tonight were not born and a couple are two or three years old—so it’s incredible that her message if that’s not too pompous a word, continues.” It’s not “too pompous,” Charles.

The Earl of Spencer continued to say that he prefers that people see his sister as a “very human person” and not just a “figure from history.”

“Yes, she was a member of the royal family, and yet she was so relatable,” he said. “On the other hand, I do tell them how proud she would be that they were doing things in her name, and what they’re doing is crucially important. Diana always believed that young people had so much to give to the world and they’re proving that right.”

Her memory continues to have an impact, even now.

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