Princess Beatrice Wasn’t Recognized at Her Own Meeting and Was Asked to Fetch Drinks, Sarah Ferguson Reveals

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Beatrice.
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You have to listen closely when tuning in to Sarah Ferguson's new podcast, titled Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah. Along with her co-host, Sarah Thomson, the 63-year-old reveals all kinds of unknown tidbits and never-before-heard stories, from her grandson's secret nickname to the way she politely exits a conversation. Now, on the latest episode, the Duchess of York revealed a surprising story about her eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, 35. Turns out, Princess Beatrice wasn't recognized during a meeting in the U.S., and it led to some comical results.

A snippet from the conversation was posted to Ferguson's official Instagram, where the duchess says, “It was very funny when Beatrice was in New York and they had no idea—they'd all been talking around the boardroom saying they were looking forward to meeting Princess Beatrice.”

The mom-of-two continued, saying, “And the girl came in and they all said, ‘Coffee and tea, please, with sugar,’ or whatever. And so she goes off and pours them coffee and tea. And then they all tell her how excited they are they're about to meet Princess Beatrice. And of course, she was [the one] pouring the coffee and the tea.”

Ferguson then chuckled and said, “It always makes me laugh,” and she finished by adding: “But I'm so glad I brought my girls up with their feet on the ground.”

In addition to Princess Beatrice, the Duchess of York also shares Princess Eugenie, 33, with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, 63. Their eldest daughter celebrated her birthday earlier this month, on August 8, which is partly why she was a topic of conversation on the latest episode of the podcast.

The Her Heart for a Compass author commemorated Beatrice's bday with a special post on Instagram, writing, “Happy birthday Beatrice. You’ll always be my girl.

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