Prince William Receives New Royal Title from Queen Elizabeth Following Harry & Meghan’s Exit: Lord High Commander

Prince William was given a new royal role (and more responsibility) over the weekend. 

On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth appointed the Duke of Cambridge as the new Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. In the position, William will become the British monarch’s personal representative to the Church of Scotland, carrying out official visits and ceremonial duties. Fancyyy.

Every year, the queen appoints someone to attend the General Assembly on her behalf. The appointee traditionally makes the opening and closing speeches at the event and reports back to the monarch on its proceedings.

This is the first time Prince William has received the honor. All of the queen's children—Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward—have been appointed to the role of Lord High Commissioner in the past, with the Princess Royal having held the position twice.

“We are honored that her Majesty has appointed Prince William as Lord High Commissioner,” Dr. George Whyte, the Principal Clerk of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, said in a statement.

The new role comes shortly after Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped down as senior members of the royal family and traveled to Canada to start a new life. However, William and Kate Middleton have remained busy with their royal duties, recently hosting a reception at Buckingham Palace on behalf of the Queen. 

Congrats to Prince William on the new title! 

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